Plush Groove Entertainment
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   Plush Groove Entertainment founded its artist development division Plush Artist Management in 2004 in Hollywood, California. We've also been involved in the music industry for well over a decade, which lead to Plush Music Group, the music production division. Our biggest strength lies within our network of accomplished professionals who have proven their worth in their chosen profession rather that be song writing, music composition, artist development or marketing and promotion.  

    Our aim is to bridge the gap between Hollywood and the rest of the world. For instance, connect an artist in Spain who'd otherwise only get local exposure and collaborations at best, directly with one of the many talented music producers or artists within our network, who'll custom tailor and develop a sound that truly compliments the artist.  Our artists also have the option to access the support of one of our assigned song writers and vocal coaches. They can easily find other artists to feature on their songs, or be featured on other artists' tracks as we always encourage collaborations. Once approved, the product then goes to the mix and mastering phase where experts will take the project to the next level. This is just before the final product goes to the marketing team who'll devise a professional marketing campaign that will cover not only the local U.S. market, but the foreign European market as well.

    We also offer publishing and distribution services, as well as a legal team for consultation on negotiating contracts and other general business matters. Our main goal and focus is always the best interest of our clients rather that be matters concerning the licensing or publishing of their material, negotiating a deal with a record label or signing artists to our own independent record label.  

    If you dream of showing the world your talent... Then we want to hear your work, send us a clip of your best performance as we personally listen to each and every submission selecting the best of the best to be promoted by Plush Groove Entertainment. The chosen ones will be extended the opportunity to join us and be represented by a worldwide team of entertainment industry professionals who are dedicated to producing the next generation of superstar entertainers.

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